Whether you are just starting out or have been in practice for years, maybe you are:

  • Planning to hire a new front desk team member and wondering how best to train them?


  • Frustrated with mistakes in scheduling and insurance and looking for ideas on how to train your existing team to reduce the errors?


  • Wanting a more organized way to manage the career development of your team so you know when and how to give raises?


In any case, you may be looking for an organized training resource that can help you to have a well-trained staff and improve your practice performance.

Career pathway training is the answer . . .


You can have a well-trained team and end the revolving door of turnover in your office by providing training and the opportunity for advancement right in your office. You can hire the right person for your position who is positive and enthusiastic about joining your practice because you can provide training on day 1 to quickly get them up to speed. And, you can retain your great staff because by developing their skills through a career pathway, you can offer higher income in exchange for higher productivity.

Now, these training levels are online – and dentists can use this content in 2 ways:

You can use this online training content for:


  • Administrative team


  • Assistants


  • Hygienists


These training materials make it easy on you to hire staff based on attitude and then teach the skills to develop a highly-skilled team.


Broken into levels, you also can use this criteria to determine when your team deserve raises. Your team will see that they need to learn the skills and then set up a system to make sure their tasks are completed in a timely manner with tracking systems.

You may be interested in improving a specific area of your practice – perhaps your collections or recall or insurance estimates?


You can easily download a comprehensive system and provide this training content to your team to get started right away. These systems include:


  • Step-by-step instructions to manage the entire process


  • Reports to run in Dentrix and EagleSoft


  • Scripts and letters for communicating with patients


  • Tracking to monitor performance


Look through our Solutions page to see the training programs available.

Are you ready to get started?