Dental Consulting Services

Dental Consulting

With almost 20 years experience and an MBA, I provide professional, measurable dental consulting services including:

Establishing financial management systems

I work with your accounting firm to organize your financial statements so you can easily compare your financial performance to industry benchmarks. I bridge the gap between dental software and financial statements by working with your billing/insurance team and bookkeeper to train them on the right reports to use to pay each dentist properly and accurately track expenses.


Create an end of month dashboard

I create a custom dashboard for your practice, train your office manager to run the reports and enter the data and work with the dentist owner to review the performance. You will have the accurate information you need to make solid decisions.


Increase production

I evaluate your schedule, create blocks in your software and train your team to follow the scheduling guidelines. For unproductive hygienist teams, I have a colleague available to bring the concepts of oral systemic health into your practice to increase the volume of perio procedures and improve the quality of care.


Staff management, hiring & training

I offer an organized approach to interviewing and hiring that allows you to hire based on attitude and train the necessary skills. I establish team leaders and train them to run meetings to get tasks accomplished and solve most staff upsets. My online dental staff training program supports the entire team to both fill in the gaps of knowledge and establish a structure for career advancement for the lifetime of your staff.


Marketing Tracking

I set up systems to make sure every new patient has a documented referral source and establish tracking for all external marketing programs. I run the dental software reports to determine production and calculate your return on investment for each marketing activity so you can decide which programs you want to continue or drop.


Fill your schedule

I establish systems for running dental software reports to fill dentist and hygienist schedules. I establish tracking for every report so the dentist owner knows the effort put forth into filling schedules and can easily see the success.


Vendor Management

I work with your dental supply representative to show the % spent on supplies and find opportunities to reduce expenses. I vet marketing program opportunities to decide how marketing dollars are best spent. I look for your highest expenses and work with vendors to find opportunities to reduce costs. Every dollar saved in expenses (especially on monthly contracts) can move directly to increased profitability.

Dental Group Practice

For multi-location group practices, I am available to support your group through a combination of regular travel and remote support. If you are looking for senior level leadership for your group to help you with financial management, staff training and leadership development – especially training for your administrator, I have the experience you’re looking for. I can come into your group and set up organized systems for the business-side of your practice and train your team to use these systems in order to smooth out the operational structure of your group. I will also set up performance measures so you can see the results. If you could use some help to organize and manage your group practice, please call me.


My Dental Management Experience

I managed a 7 dentist, 18 operatory privately-owned dental group for 16 years. This experience, along with my MBA and state-level quality training, makes me uniquely qualified for dental practice consulting. I also served as the COO for a 4 location group practice so I understand the challenges of separate offices. I am an experienced with human resources management, technology, dentist marketing, strategic planning, client relations, building management and dentist communication.

I also offer a dental staff training program that provides the ongoing content and support needed to train dental staff. Developed by a dentist, I offer this training program online and it provides a structure for the career development for assistants, hygienists and administrative staff. Also, since I was the administrator for a large multi-specialty group practice, I can train your administrator to manage your group.


Online Dental Staff Training

For offices who hire and train staff (isn’t that everyone?), my online dental staff training program provides the content you can use to quickly and comprehensively train your team. With content for each team (assistants, hygienists and administrative) organized into levels from beginner to advanced, you can use this material to bring a new hire with no dental experience up and running in 90 days – and you can continually develop staff to higher levels of accomplishment. To help you make the most of this online material, I include a monthly phone call to help staff understand the concepts and apply them in your practice.


Remote Coaching

For specific projects, I offer remote dental consulting. My rate is $100/hour and I am happy to provide an estimate of my time along with the proposal for how we can work together to accomplish your goal. Also, since Nashville is my home base, I am available for onsite consulting throughout Middle Tennessee.


Hire Me

If you would like to talk about your practice needs and discuss how I could help you, please click below to share your contact information and I will be happy to call you.