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Do you have a checklist for making sure your daily deposit is accurate?Dental Office Manager Training

You need to make sure that your Dentrix reports match up to what’s going into the bank. If you don’t have an organized system to check for accuracy, you will end up with differences between what you show in Dentrix and what your bookkeeper shows in the Profit/Loss statement.

Reports for Daily Deposit

  • Credit card batch summary report
  • CareCredit transactions report
  • Deposit ticket for the bank
  • Deposit slip – cash, checks, credit cards, CareCredit, medical ins, dental ins
  • Prior Day Transaction Report from the Bank showing EFTs
  • Adjustment Day Sheet
  • Cover sheet?

We will review each of these reports to identify how they are used together to create an accurate daily deposit summary.

Credit card batch summary report

Close out your day on the credit card machine and print a summary report of all the transactions. You will use this to compare to the credit card payments entered on the deposit slip from Dentrix.

CareCredit (or other patient financing) transactions report

Print this from the CareCredit website to find all the transactions processed today. Again, compare this to the CareCredit or other patient financing entries on the deposit slip.

Deposit ticket for the bank

Count up the cash from your cash drawer and put it into the bag from the bank. Total up the checks separately and put them into the bag as well. Again, compare these totals to the deposit slip.

Deposit Slip (Printed from Dentrix)

The deposit slip is key – it shows every type of payment (and refund) entered today. You will find cash, checks, credit cards, CareCredit, medical/dental insurance all listed here – and you can see the name of each patient and the payment each person made. Use this report to make sure that you haven’t made a “fat finger” error anywhere – or simply clicked the wrong button in Dentrix to choose credit card instead of check payment.

Bank Report for EFTs

To make your bank deposits match with your Dentrix reports, you need to hunt down the EFTs that were deposited into your account today (from yesterday’s transactions) and enter these into Dentrix. To find these, you have to start with a bank statement of yesterday’s activity. Often, the dental bookkeeper has access to the bank account and could set up the office manager or billing/insurance person with read-only access to the bank account. This would allow you to print the bank’s transactions from yesterday – and to perform the CSI investigation necessary to figure out which insurance company paid us.

Once you know which insurance company made the payment, now you go to the insurance website to find recent payments on their site so you can identify which patient’s plan paid. Now, you can enter the insurance payment for the correct patient – and this shows up on the Dentrix Deposit slip. Again, be sure to compare the bank report with your deposit slip.

Adjustment Summary

Printed from Dentrix, this shows every adjustment entered that day – including insurance withholds, senior citizen discounts, new patient discounts, etc. Often, the billing/insurance person is the one entering 98% of the adjustments, so it’s smart to have someone else look at this adjustment report to see if anything unusual jumps out at you. Anything unusual translates into a large adjustment “Why are we giving a $500 new patient discount to Susie Q?” or an unusual adjustment code “What is the debit adjustment on Susie Q?” – and, clicking into a couple patient accounts just to look at the notes for why this adjustment was applied might help.

Cover Sheet

For my multi-location dental group practice, I created a cover sheet that each office can use that brings the total for each of the types of payments to the front page. This makes it easy for our bookkeeper to enter each type of total payment into QuickBooks – and she has the supporting documentation to check for accuracy as well. By establishing a standard system for each office to follow when handling the daily deposit, we hope to make the bookkeeper’s job easier and make this daily routine more efficient.

Your Turn

Sometimes we assume that everything is working just fine in our dental office. Why not take this opportunity to do a quick check-up on how your daily deposit is working? If you’re the dentist, ask to see the daily deposit report from yesterday – and then see what reports are included. Ask about the ones that are missing! And, if you’re the office manager, go through this checklist above and talk with the bookkeeper to find out how everything is working for her? Maybe your bookkeeper would like to have a cover page or can tell you more about the entries she is using for your practice’s profit/loss statement. Plus, the two of you can chat about the EFTs – most likely the bookkeeper doesn’t understand your Dentrix software in detail so she may not realize how essential it is for you to get this information entered into Dentrix daily.

This is also an excellent topic for a dental office manager and the dentist to review together. The dental office manager can share with the dentist how the systems in the office are working now – and the dentist can learn more about the EFT situation. This could either result in giving read-only access to the office manager to the bank or the dentist printing this report from the bank daily and handing it to the office manager. It might even be helpful for the bookkeeper to have a discussion with the dentist to review how she coordinates with the dental staff as well.

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
  • Hi Jill. Thank you for the comprehensive information regarding your end-of-day procedures. I’ve re-written our end of day protocol based on your advice and look forward to implementing it in the new year. Not only will it improve the accuracy of our internal financial and accounting systems, I think it will lead to stronger embezzlement prevention. Thanks again!

    December 18, 2014
    • Michael,

      Wow! Thanks so much for your kind comment. I figured this article was a bit dry – but it was really helpful for my group.

      Thrilled its helpful for you as well!


      December 18, 2014
  • C. Smith dds

    I’m an “old guy”,so I rely on my office manager and head secretary to handle all front desk functions, but I still try to keep up with new ideas. As always you are a great resource to help me keep up with Dentrix.

    December 20, 2014