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Dentrix training unresolved claims

Handling collections | Dentrix Ascend Training

There are three reports to use in Dentrix AscenDentrix Ascend training unresolved claimsd for managing collections:

  • Unresolved Claims
  • Outstanding Claims
  • Aged Receivables

Unresolved Claims

Placed right at the top of the home page to grab your attention, this widget shows the total claims and total dollar amount outstanding for more than 2 weeks. When you click on this widget, it opens a list of open claims by carrier so you can quickly call an insurance company and work right down your list.

One of the nice things about this part of the program is that once you have handled this claim, you can choose a date for follow up between 1-7 days. Once you choose the follow up period, this claim will disappear from this list. This can be a good thing for the insurance manager who can use this to keep up with their outstanding claims. Since claims can be hidden from this list – which also drops the totals on the widget – this also can be manipulated. Just something to keep in mind.

Outstanding Claims

You might think you don’t need an outstanding claims report since you have the unresolved claims widget, but we’ve found that the two work nicely together. Use the outstanding claims report to keep an eye on the aging – one interesting change in Dentrix Ascend is that the oldest aging bucket is over 60 days – not over 90 days. To print this report when you run it from the home screen, it’s easiest just to copy & paste into excel.

Aged Receivables

Beyond insurance, this report gives you a list of everyone with a balance – and we need it to follow up with patients on their portion. I think the best way to handle this data is to run it by aging bucket and then sort by balance so you can work worst first. Then, you can tackle the over 90 day list the first week of the month, the over 60 days list the second week of the month, the over 30 days list the third week – and use the fourth week to catch up.

As I think about how well the unresolved claims widget works in coordination with the outstanding claims, I wish I had one for the patient balances also! It would be great to have a list of patients that we could make a call, document a guarantor note, then send a letter and set a 2 week follow up. Without this widget, you can just make these notes in excel – or go old fashioned and use a 1-31 day file.

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