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Nashville Dental Practice Management


For dentists in Middle Tennessee, I am local! I would be happy to meet you at your office to talk in person about the challenges you are facing and how I can help you. In fact, if you are a Dentrix user and interested in my dental staff training program, I would love to talk with you about working in your office on a weekly basis – perhaps 1-2 days/week? That gives you the opportunity to have me organize the business side of your practice (perhaps organize a collections/billing system, recall and treatment plan follow up) as well as implement the online dental staff training program for your team. Please call me if you’re interested.

Dental consulting


I am available to help you organize the business side of your dental practice and train your staff. If you’re looking for organized systems you can implement in your practice to run your dental practice successfully, I can help you:


  • Set up your dental insurance plans in Dentrix so you can see the performance of each dental insurance plan – and you will know which ones to keep and which ones to drop.


  • Set up your collections and billing system – train your staff to collect at the front desk and create a follow up system for patients that do not pay, to make sure you are paid for the work you do.


  • Know your numbers so you can monitor your practice performance with real measures and make better decisions – and train you and your staff to run these reports at end of month so you have a long term management plan.


  • Train your existing staff – you can use our online dental staff training program content and structure to increase the skills and productivity of your team.


  • Establish a hiring system – eliminate the drama of staff turnover when you have an organized approach to hire new staff.


  • Use Dentrix more effectively – if your team feels they know the basics but wish they had more training, I provide written instructions for how to use Dentrix to run a successful dental practice and train your team to track their results – so you can see the improvements!


As one of the few MBAs in dentistry, I am also a practicing office manager so I understand the day-to-day challenges of dental practice and I can help you to run your dental practice successfully.