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Deep Work in Dentistry

Deep Work in Dentistry Just read a super interesting book called Deep Work where the author makes the case that not only are we all personally absorbed by our cell phones, but also distracted at work thanks to email and constant interruption. At the same time,...

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Dental Staff Careers | Dental Office Managers

Dental Team Careers (1st article in a series) Pop quiz: What are the different staff positions in a dental practice? I think most of us would answer: Hygienist Assistant Office Manager Now, imagine we asked this same question to the ADA? Here's their answer: Hygienist Assistant Lab Technician Notice anything missing? On the American Dental Association's website page...

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How To Drop a PPO Dental Insurance Plan

Dental Staff Training: Dental Insurance Have you been thinking about dropping one of your PPO plans because you just can't take their reduced fee schedule any longer? There is a way to handle this properly. You want to let your patients know about your decision - and...

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Are you being paid for the work you do?

What treatment did you provide to patients today? A couple extractions? A few fillings? A crown? If you run your day sheet – what was your production? Now, do you know you're getting paid for the work you do? Dental Insurance Withholds If the fee schedules for your...

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