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Deep Work in Dentistry

Deep Work in Dentistry Just read a super interesting book called Deep Work where the author makes the case that not only are we all personally absorbed by our cell phones, but also distracted at work thanks to email and constant interruption. At the same time,...

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Dental Staff Careers | Dental Office Managers

Dental Team Careers (1st article in a series) Pop quiz: What are the different staff positions in a dental practice? I think most of us would answer: Hygienist Assistant Office Manager Now, imagine we asked this same question to the ADA? Here's their answer: Hygienist Assistant Lab Technician Notice anything missing? On the American Dental Association's website page...

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Are you being paid for the work you do?

What treatment did you provide to patients today? A couple extractions? A few fillings? A crown? If you run your day sheet – what was your production? Now, do you know you're getting paid for the work you do? Dental Insurance Withholds If the fee schedules for your...

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Set up a system to fill your dental practice schedule

Set up a system to fill your schedule: Use the Unscheduled Treatment Plans list With school starting earlier than ever (my kids begin August 5th!), the dreaded fall downtime begins for most dental practices. Most families avoid scheduling any dental appointments during school hours for at...

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Letter to the Editor – AGD Magazine

To my knowledge, this was never published by AGD Magazine. So, I thought I'd submit it here instead.   Dear Editor, In response to Dr. W. Carter Brown’s guest editorial ‘Dental Care as a Commodity’ I understand the sentiment of a senior dentist (solo practitioner?) observing the challenges...

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Photos for Dental Practice Marketing: A Task for your Office Manager

Great Facebook / Blog photo – this is our Pediatric Dentist with the Winner of the bicycle raffle

As dental practice marketing completely transforms from the simple (run a few ads in the yellow pages) to the complex (update your website and regularly contribute to social media), photographs are becoming more and more important to your practice.  There are a variety of photos that can be useful in dental marketing:

  • Clinical pictures – for case presentations and before/after on your website
  • Dentist / staff photos – on your website and in your practice brochures
  • Events / holidays – for Facebook/Linked In/Google Places/your website and the local newspapers

Thinking about a typical week in your practice, there are great opportunities for photos every single day. The really cute 7-year old girl in for her checkup that just earned a spot in your ‘No Decay Club.’ The teenage boy that just got his braces off and is grinning holding a goody bag of candy he can finally eat. The beautiful 25-year old girl that’s in for a quick ‘check whitening’ visit to make sure her shade is just perfect for her upcoming wedding. Each of these patients makes for a great photo opportunity that can be shared on Facebook (with a signed release, of course). Snapping photos, getting releases, sharing these photos along with appropriate captions – all of this is a great task to assign to your office manager.

Now, before office managers start rolling their eyes and

Thoughts on the Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference

Thank you to all who attended my presentation From Office Manager to Administrator: Managing a Growing Multi-Provider Practice. I appreciate everyone who stuck with me as we reviewed scheduling, managing goals/bonuses and quality care/financial performance all at 3:30-5:30pm on Saturday afternoon – in Las Vegas!

As I was thinking about my presentation, I realize that there were both some accomplishments and some gaps in the information I shared. From a poll of the attendees, my approach to tracking case acceptance to provide a ‘batting average’ for the dentist was entirely new. As attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas on dental practice management topics, the energy in the room was palpable. Mine was the only presentation at this conference that provided the opportunity for a ‘roundtables’ exchange and that was definitely a plus.

On the other hand, I was asked by a dentist and a young scheduling coordinator – what is the career path to grow from an office manager into an administrator?

Stop Giving Office Managers a Bad Name!

I am sick & tired of dental office managers stealing $100,000’s of dollars from dentists!

You are giving honest, hard-working, ethical office managers a bad name. Stop it!

I know this is a problem far beyond the borders of dentistry. In fact, I just attended a meeting this morning sponsored by my local Chamber of Commerce to gather ideas from local employers about education/training topics that the Chamber could turn into a small business training series. The 5 of us in the room ended up swapping embezzlement stories

The Magic Words of Management

“I’ll take care of it.”

For a dental office manager, these are truly magic words. When your dentist rushes up to you, holding his gloved hands up in the air to keep them clean and asks you to find the patient that is supposed to be here for his root canal or to make sure the financial arrangements are handled for the crown in room 3, now is not the time for a lengthy conversation or an eye roll because the dentist is clearly in a hurry. A quick nod and the magic words, “I’ll take care of it” will bring you success every time.

In my practice, I train my staff on the general levels – this means that I’m training staff on people skills, conflict dental management, problem solving, etc. so they can learn the skills that will allow them to use their clinical/administrative knowledge. Without people skills, patients won’t open their mouth and staff won’t cooperate – all the x-ray licenses in the world won’t help the assistant who offends patients and drives them out of the practice. As part of the general levels dental staff training, we talk about