Dental staff training

Dentrix Training for Dental Office Managers

9 Ideas to Fill Your Schedule Now

Dentrix Training for Dental Office Managers Do  you have holes in your schedule? Let's move beyond the basics and look at 9 ways to fill your schedule now! Prophies: Child & Adult You know this one. Set up your continuing care in Dentrix separately - one for kids, a...

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Is your dental staff person the problem?

Is your dental staff person the problem? A terrible mistake I made a mistake entering an insurance payment. A big mistake. I entered a $979 Delta payment into a patient's account – when in reality, Delta paid $0 on the claim and the Patient Responsibility was $979. Even...

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Do you know who Bob Barkley is?

I was inspired by a dentist this morning who shared his vision of dental wellness - and he reminded me of Bob Barkley. Amazing man. Talk about inspiring! If you know Bob Barkley Then count yourself as lucky. And, if beyond just knowing of this dentist and...

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Leadership in the dental practice

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. - John Maxwell So - how did your last staff meeting go? Were your team members enthusiastic to share ideas that will help improve quality of care, reduce expenses and improve...

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