Dental management

New Uses for Old Things

I’m a big fan of the magazine Real Simple. My favorite is the ‘New uses for old things’ section where they take something you use every day for one thing – and then come up with a unique way to utilize this item. Here are...

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If it looks easy, it’s not!

Have you ever watched a yoga video? Filmed in a serene nature setting, speaking in a calming voice, the yoga master easily lifts one leg up behind her while leaning forward with the opposite arm. Slowly, smoothly, easily holding the pose for minutes at a...

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Using the Baldrige approach to improve your practice

Whew! We did it. Just turned in our 50 page application to the Partnership for Excellence that was due December 1st. The Partnership for Excellence helps organizations to understand and apply the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia. The Baldrige Performance...

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Get $100,000 with this credit card

Have you received this in the mail?

Have you received something like this in the mail? A credit card glued to a form letter inviting you to start spending $100,000 on the doctor’s name alone just by calling to activate the card?

We did. And the doctor’s wife was freaked out by the idea that a company could be so flippant with this much money. Could anyone who happened to open the mail that day take this card & start charging massive amounts of money to her husband’s account? In this day and age of embezzlement, this seemed like a fair concern. So, I called the number on the card to see how quickly I could  get my $100,000.

Prove it to me: Using Dentrix to run your dental practice

Use Dentrix data to manage your practice

Have you ever heard of Dental Informatics? Described as the intersection of patient data, computer science and dental providers, it’s an approach focused on providing higher quality patient care through better management and use of information. Evidence-based dentistry is built on this approach – it’s not what works best ‘in your hands’ it’s what works best based on research. Gordon Christensen’s Reality journal reflects this concept as well, focusing on independent evaluations to judge products.

You can use this same approach in your practice. You can use your patient data to improve your patient’s health.Here’s how: first of all, think of a clinical area in your practice – let’s choose extractions. Now, walk through

Why can’t we all just get along?

How to help solve team conflict and achieve team harmony in your dental practice

In my practice, I handle all major staff upsets. I have solved personality conflicts, he said/she said situations, tangles over closing duties and dozens of other tearful crises. However, I also train my staff and team leaders to solve these problems as well, so they don’t need me, but I’m available to help. We use approaches such as:

  • I messages:  “I feel _______ when you do _______”
  • Active listening: “So, what I’m hearing you say is _______”
  • Problem solving: a 5 step process

We train each of these communication skills through our training levels and I personally role play with my staff to help them learn each one.

That’s why I was surprised to spend each of the last two staff meetings helping my staff work through some team conflicts. I spent the first week’s meeting with

Stop Giving Office Managers a Bad Name!

I am sick & tired of dental office managers stealing $100,000’s of dollars from dentists!

You are giving honest, hard-working, ethical office managers a bad name. Stop it!

I know this is a problem far beyond the borders of dentistry. In fact, I just attended a meeting this morning sponsored by my local Chamber of Commerce to gather ideas from local employers about education/training topics that the Chamber could turn into a small business training series. The 5 of us in the room ended up swapping embezzlement stories