Dental management

Dental Fees Evaluation

Should you increase your fees?

Dental Practice Fees When was the last time you increased your fees? This can feel like a big decision, but once you set up a system to evaluate your fees regularly, making this determination won't feel so life-threatening. Most dentists fear that if they increase their fees,...

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Are you being paid for the work you do?

What treatment did you provide to patients today? A couple extractions? A few fillings? A crown? If you run your day sheet – what was your production? Now, do you know you're getting paid for the work you do? Dental Insurance Withholds If the fee schedules for your...

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Leadership in the dental practice

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. - John Maxwell So - how did your last staff meeting go? Were your team members enthusiastic to share ideas that will help improve quality of care, reduce expenses and improve...

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