Dental Practice Coaching

Stop the negativity | Change the culture

Dental Office Manager Training Does this exchange sound like it could happen in your office? (Setting: Full staff meeting following a tense morning meeting) Dr. starts off the lunch meeting by acknowledging how stressful and negative the morning huddle felt that morning. The discussion moves to how the...

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Dentrix Ascend

Dentrix Ascend: Thoughts on Clinical Notes

Dentrix Ascend: Thoughts on Clinical Notes Love 'em or hate 'em. That's how most offices feel about their clinical notes. Either they feel proud of the templates they've created and believe there is nothing better, or, they absolutely despise them and use clinical notes as the easiest...

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Staff Reaction after starting Dentrix Ascend

Reaction to Dentrix Ascend after Training Have you ever converted your dental practice software? If so, you know the time it takes to perform your due diligence to select the right software for your practice and then the effort required to review every detail of the...

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Marketing Tracking for the Dental Practice | Dentrix Training

Dental Practice Marketing Recently, I attended a panel discussion on dental practice marketing where dental consultants, social media and website company reps and specialist vendors answered questions and shared recommendations. Here are the highlights: There are 46,656 ways to market your practice. Yes, apparently someone counted. What makes...

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