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How to work recare in Dentrix Ascend

How to work recare in Dentrix Ascend If you need to fill your hygiene schedules, then you may wonder how easy is it to run a re-care list in Dentrix Ascend? To run a recare list in Dentrix Ascend: Click on Home – choose Recare Management Select...

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Dentrix Ascend Training

Forecasting for Huddle | Dentrix Ascend Training

Dentrix Ascend Training: Forecasting for Huddle Do you run a morning huddle? Most practices do. If so, you probably review your performance from yesterday - and you look at the forecast for today. Most offices look at production - what was completed yesterday, and what is scheduled today....

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Dentrix training unresolved claims

Handling collections | Dentrix Ascend Training

Handling collections | Dentrix Ascend Training There are three reports to use in Dentrix Ascend for managing collections: Unresolved Claims Outstanding Claims Aged Receivables Unresolved Claims Placed right at the top of the home page to grab your attention, this widget shows the total claims and total dollar...

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Collections After Conversion | Dentrix Training

Collections After Conversion | Dentrix Training Having been through a couple Dentrix Ascend conversions recently, I have some observations about handling collections after a conversion. Since patient balances do not convert, the office will be running two different dental software packages for some period of time. Keeping...

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Accurate, reliable insurance estimates

Insurance estimates: a comparison of Ascend, Dentrix and EagleSoft One of the biggest struggles in almost every dental practice is to provide patients with an accurate insurance estimate. Often, offices enter only their standard fee schedule into their dental software even though they have joined several...

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